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Jack Vosmerkin - The American (English and Russian)
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Russian books - newly discovered and translated for the first time! Russian or English!

Jack Vosmerkin - The American by Nikolai Grigorevich Smirnov has just been published for the first time ever in the English langauge. This book tells the story of a Russian boy who ends up in America by mistake and then returns to Russia after several years to combine his knowledge of both countries in the formation of a commune. This story is very rich in Russian culture and, while the book was written in the 1920s, it contains many reflections of life in Russia even to the present time. This book is a must for anyone who is interested in Russian culture in its truest sence. Step aside Zhivago - this is how Russia really is! Also available in the Russian language.

Джек Восьмеркин - Американец

Продается Русская классика, Джек Восьмеркин ? Американец, издано 1-й раз в США. Выбирайте или русскую версию или английский перевод.

For sale is a Russian historical novel, perfect for the intermediate student of Russian, Jack Vosmerkin - The American, published for the 1st time in the USA.

Choose either the Russian language version and/or the English translation.

This 1920s historical drama is well-known in Russia and is now available for the first time to the rest of the world.

I am a native English speaker and have learned to speak Russian fluently. This book by Nikolai G. Smirnov was valuable for learning vocabulary because of its simple-to-follow style.

One learns a language more quickly after finding entertaining, culturally rich ways to experience the language. That's just what Jack Vosmerkin provides.

Additionally, this book's very talented author stumbled onto some quite sensitive subject matter at that time in Russia's past, which more than likely led to his mysterious death at a young age. Discover this latest Russian classic today!

If you are interested in one of these books, you may purchase it safely on Ebay for $16, which includes shipping. I will list it on Ebay upon request. Please email me at to let me know your intentions.

These are high quality, hand-crafted paperback bound books created by a small publisher.

Coming soon - Nikolai Grigorevich Smirnov's Land of the Sun ( Государство Солнца ) Russian and English versions, too!

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