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Russian books - newly discovered and translated for the first time! Russian or English! Jack Vosmerkin - The American by Nikolai Grigorevich Smirnov has just been published for the first time ever in the English langauge. This book tell...
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I cried, I laughed, I was on the edge of my seat... <span...
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Lovers of thai cuisine -check out the Vong's Thai Kitchen (on West Hubbard, Chicago)! It's not an authentic thai place, more of a thai-french fusion, but food and atmosphere is great! I've tried shrimp and crab pad thai- hmmmm! to die for! And I'm n...
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BAD BAD BAD! Waste of time!...
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finally, a russian woman in a political video. Hey, we ruskies care just as much :) VOTE!!!!...
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Slipstream: If not the worst then the second worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Now some people may actually like its over that top artistic views and some people may even like the high caliber stars that are in this movie however I think this...
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Чтобы понять ценность одного года, спроси у студента, который провалил вступительные…Чтобы понять ценность одного месяца – спроси у матери, которая родила недоношенного ребенка… Чтобы понять ценность недели, спроси у издателя еженедельной газеты. Что...
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Ultra violent, unbelievable, over the top, almost cartoonish violence and I loved every minute of it. This movie does exactly what the title says it has unrealistic amounts of violence and it is not afraid of it. So with that in mind if you are in t...
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Horror of the horrors! If you are afraid of darkness, and have claustrophobia and LOVE horror movies, this is the one for you. I have seen it twice, bought the DVD, and certainly will enjoy it for the third time. Thrilling, breathtaking and nerve-wra...
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Highly recommend. It's about everyone. And everything....
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