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Принцип действия грузинской мышеловки: 2 кирпича кладутся на ребро, а 3-й кладйтся сверху. Внутри конструкции кладется сыр. Заходит мышь, видит сыр, разводит руками и говорит:"Вах, слющай! Какой балшой кусок сыра!" ...
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Kto lubit horor/fantasticu/boevik/dramu ? Ya lublu ento delo. Posmotrite, zrelishe dlya glaz, pravda est svoi downsides, naprimer happy end, i kak vsegda inoplanetyani nastolko progresirovali v tehnologie no upustili takuu malenkuu vesh, ladno smo...
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Mezmerize/Hypnotize is the new album of Los Angeles-based heavy-metal band System Of A Down (SOAD),actually it is a 2disc set, one(Mezmerize) was released on May 17,2005, and disc two (Hypnotize) is expected to be released six months later.I've ...
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i was in London for a week and, despite the terrible cold not-at-all-June-like weather, I loved the city. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. I walked till my feet bled and I was forced to buy my first pair of heelless shoes (before that, I thin...
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Absolutely billiant movie that shows thin line between love and madness. ...
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An extremely amusing cartoon/movie done by the same people that gave us Shrek/Sherk 2, just like its predecessors this movie has just as many funny moments for adults as it does for the kiddies. Some of the more memorable moments in the movie come ...
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Written by Bryan Fogel and Sam Wolfson. Fogel and Wolfson have given their best shot to make the audience laugh for two hours straight. Hilarious!!! Very worth to see.. you get a ticket for $25 with student ID.. (The regular price is $36-50...
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This movie garbs you and never let’s you go, from the opening seeing you will know that this movie is about intolerance ignorance and how people perceive other cultures and racial groups. This movie says everything that some people think, and let me...
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Sigara is located on division and damen. it is a really cool Hookah cafe, with turkish food, music, and belly dancers every thursday friday and saturday. you sit on the floor on pillows and smoke any type of hookah.. the only downside is that it is ...
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Sam po sebe koncert byl shykarnyi muzykanty vylojilis' do konca tak chto bylo na chto posmotret'.Front men gruppy Oleg Garkusha "ispolnyal" ves' concert i zamet'te on uje daleko ne mal'chik,a tolpu zajigaet kak v i ran'she ya ix ran'she ne ...
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