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I'll start this out with a short introduction: Grunge to me is the essence of music. Intro end. Must bands to listen to: NIRVANA, Alice in Chains, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin (probably the most talented guitarist to ever walk on planet earth J...
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This movie absolutely blew. It turned what was a great book by Douglas Adams, into a dumb comedy. Or it tried to. The movie tries to do all the comedy of the book, without explaining the background. This simply does not work. If you have see...
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Новый фильм от Кончаловского. Шикарное кино, уровень голивудских блокбастеров. Еффекты, сценарий и игра акеров на уровне. Очень рекомендую посмотреть....
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штормило. спиногрызы всей толпой помчались в бейсмент, по дороге крича мне: "пойдём с нами, нам страшно!" (а типа мне одной среди них семерых, да ещё и в шторм, да в 30 милях от дома, не страшно, угу...) мама долго пыталась споймать радио в бейсмент...
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Если кто то хочет увидеть прекрасный стеб и неплохие драки, то вам незамедлительно стоит посмотреть этот фильм. Тут в достатке и первого и второго. Фильм является стебной пародией на Матрицу, Банды Нью Йорка, китайские боевики и на многое друго...
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For those who are interested and those who are not. A rather inventive movie in a since that it is shot as a comic book with all the required addendums. The story line is basically three stories that overlap but do not affect each other in any way....
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This is not "the movie of the year". If I could, I'd nominate it for the Razzie award. First of all, there is no plot at all. Secondly, the movie drew only few dry chuckles from me and my friends. Thirdly, black and white cop partners are being done ...
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Hands down the best house set I've ever heard. At 5:30 in the morning the guy was just flawless......
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This was a very light-hearted comedy and, unlike Shrek series, was made more for the kids. Plenty of cameo voices and Robin Williams shines again as one of the "outmoded" robots. Don't see it in 3-D, since it was not modified for it. Regular movie th...
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I'm bored and I just feel like writing something. I don't know how popular melodic gothic music is over there in the US, but over here nobody seems to like it except me. Lacuna Coil are a bit like evanescance but with talent and their latest album ...
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