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Damn what a good movie. Black ppl tho A+...
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Wow is this a crazy movie. A+...
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This was one of those movies that is so fucken kewl it blasts u away i give it a B+...
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Well, well, well … To all those that read Dumas’ Count De Monte-Cristo: here is the movie dubbed as its Korean version, and I have to tell you that Dumas is a benevolent innocent child compared to the Oldboy’s scriptwriter. Old Frenchman has noth...
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Way boring. Did not finish. Stopped at 1/3 of the way. Do not rent/buy/copy. Waste of time....
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Booooooring !!!! Так и не досмотрел. Хотя там и Безруков играет (Саша Белый из Бригады) - фильм какой-то скучный получился - смотрели впятером - никому не понравилось....
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eto ne obyasnimo.. no vse chto mogu skazat chto eto samiy luchiy film chto ya kogda to videla... ...
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That Natalie Portman, she's so hot right now. This was such an enjoyable film. It's not even a chick flick, but it was weird cuz me and my friend were the only guys in the theatre, literally. Go see it. I don't feel like writing things, but I'll ...
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YOU I LOVE Directed by Olga Stolpovskaya & Dmitry Troitsky Vera and Tim are successful young professionals living fast-paced lives in ultra-modern Moscow. She’s a beautiful, famous newscaster. He’s a creative idea-guy in an advertising f...
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A local death metal band, ChristPuncher, performed at a bar called The Note in Wicker Park. The band was awesome. The guitar riffs were mind blowing, although overall the show wasn't that great. There were not that many people and the band started la...
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