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A true story about the events that traspired in the authors life during creation of the worlds most famos play, Peter Pan. A very interesting movie that shows where writer insparation comes from. A good movie to see especially if you like Johnny ...
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I really like sci-fi movies and all things but i thought this was the absolute worse movie i have ever seen....
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Un-inspiring and slow with an unbelivable plot line and lots of filler time. Boring movie....
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Сериал классный - от тех же людей, что делали Бригаду. Сделано также качественно как Бригада. Главную роль играет Владимир ВДОВИЧЕНКОВ (Фил из Бригады) 12 серий. Рекомендую посмотреть....
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Simply put... WOW. Directed by: Mike Nichols Scripted by: Patrick Marber based on his play Starring: Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes Rating: R for language, partial nudity, sexuality...
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The scenery was gorgeous (including Salma Hayek), but the plot was corny and predictable. It reminded me of an Ocean's 11 wanna-be. Did not like it!...
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Just thinking of how much one man can shift human history, one name comes to a person's mind from an ancient history, Alexander. Alexander the Great. Personally, I liked the way that the story about his life was told. It was told through the words of...
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ok, i take it back...passed the game a couple of nights ago and the end really sucks. very dissapointing. mp is still sweet as hell though......
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Vehicle: 2005 Nissan Altima Test duration: 5 days Miles driven: 1500 Maximum speed driven: 100 mph Track: Atlanta-Chattanooga-Nashville-Memphis-Atlanta Equipment: A/C, CD player, power windows/locks/mirrors, electronic power steering, ...
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Полный курс "Маркетинг и экономика" 1. На вечеринке ты видишь симпатичного парня. Ты подходишь к нему и говоришь: "Со мной классно в постели". Это прямой маркетинг. 2. Ты пришла на вечеринку с друзьями и видишь симпатичного парня. Один из твоих др...
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