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Megalomaniac, starring Lui de Funes, manages to make its audience interested. Throughout his career, Lui de Funes is known for portraying government officials or cops (more notably Fantomas movies). In this movie, he plays a finance minister/tax c...
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Oscar, starring Lui de Funes, is a comedy filled with stressful situations. Lui de Funes plays a wealthy magnate, who is eager to marry off his daughter, because she told him that she expects a child. In a course of a movie her groom-to-be become the...
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Karlik Nos, a russian cartoon, its graphics rival 80's Disney classics. Superb voiceover and mediocre plot. I am not complaining that the plot does not follow the book, but it managed to keep me somewhat entertained. Its plot is a mix of Hunchback of...
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Where do I begin…The only reason I stayed until the end because I was hoping that there is a surprise ending. There was none! I walked out of the theater so disappointed that I wanted to bitch about our group getting our money back!!! What was the d...
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It was Love At First Sight for Alfie's preview...This movie I have been wanting to see since I saw that Jude Law was the main character. Once again, all the hype for nothing... I liked the 60s version with Caine, he was much more live and emotional ...
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Vehicle: 2005 Dodge Magnum Miles Driven: 800 Test Duration: 2 days Maximum speed tested: 95 mph Track: Atlanta-Chattanooga-Nashville Modifications: Back-up aid, on-board monitor, adaptive cruise control. This baby looks cool on the ...
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I'm getting a DVD for this one! If you haven't seen it yet, then you suck. GO and see this flick, it's non stop cartoonaction and fun! Best thing Ive seen in a while....
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This movie is as you know about Ray Charles and his struggle with inner demons and outer heroin addiction. But as the movie shows this great story it also describes the situations and how some of the Rays’ greatest songs came to be and what was going...
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Vehicle: 2004 Hyundai Elantra Test Duration: 16 hours Miles driven: 800 miles Track: Nashville-Memphis-Nashville Road: Hilly, twisty Equipment: Basic package, A/C, automatic, power locks, windows, mirrors. Hyundai recently made some...
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A murder mystery. An ancient document holds a secret. Two college students are on a path to solving both. Sounds like an interesting book? Sure, as long as you’re not referring to “The Rule of Four”. 400 pages of euphemisms, historical facts I couldn...
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