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This movie was absurd. The beginning looked promising, but the middle and conclusion were completely ridiculous. Lots of running without actually getting anywhere, lots of yelling without actually getting any answers…There were a few frightening mome...
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This movie was something completely different but much better then I expected. The plot twist was not completely unexpected but was done extremely well. Some parts of the movie were more like the M. Night Shamlan while others were reminiscent of th...
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So I believed all the hype and the reviews and went to see this. Was it supposed to be a tribute to old B&W movies, because all I saw was a boring flick with cartoonish special effects. Two thumbs down. ...
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Place To Enjoy Tropical Drinks In An Exotic Atmosphere!!!!! A+++++ ...
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Jet Li delivers another great performance in this great movie about love, courage, and love for your country. Great performances by Chinese actors, they showed great emotions and ability to act. The story in the movie was very good written, even th...
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Great Movie!!! Awesome Special Effects!!! Great Story!!! Loved it and I recommend y'all to see it!!! If you like zombies and get scared, this is your movie. A+...
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I vot on vyshel v USA 09/14/04 v europe on uje vyshel mesyc nazad.albom tak sebe ya ne mogu skazat' chto den'gi potracheny zrya ,no i zaebis' ego nazvat' yazyk ne podnimaetsya,Prodigy vsegda byli alternative dance eto dlya menya sam Flint sebya nazy...
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Vehicle: 2004 Chevrolet Malibu Test duration: 8 hours Miles driven: 600 Track: Nashville to Memphis to Nashville Terrain: Hilly highway Maximum speed: 90 mph Equipment: Basic package I know I am evaluating this car late when 2005 is due t...
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I loved the book!!! ...
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Well I am a very strict judge of martial arts films, since after 13 years of studying martial arts I have some familiarity with the subject. And this movie has awesome fight scenes, that are well choreographed, and since this is a Chinese movie acto...
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