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31 июля было полнолуние. Луна висела очень близко к Земле и была цвета золота. я в машине ехала и не могла от неё оторваться: очень уж красивое зрелище было. а чуть позже почувствовала прилив энергии, причём настолько мощный, что после 8-часовой р...
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Wow, quite an interesting tournament so far. I wonder how many of those were Party Poker or PokerStars winners like Chris Moneymaker, who won the main event in 2003. As I was watching the first day, I began to realize why it gets harder and harder ...
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Vehicle: 2004 Chrysler Pacifica Test duration: 10 hours Miles driven: 800 Track: Atlanta-Chattanooga-Atlanta Road: Six-lane highway Maximum speed driven: 100 mph Equipment: Dual climate control, third row seat, vents for every row, ...
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It's good, damn good. The characters are believable, the fictional premise intriguing. Although, not all of the author's documentation work was accurate, the quantity of the details is very impressive. I loved the book and "swallowed" the 454 pages...
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This movie follows the successful movies of Guy Ritchie. His other movies include Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Mean Machine features a combination of actors from the above mentioned films and is a remake of the Longest Yard with...
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8/7/04 Tweeter Center The concert was definitely fun. Lots of kids though but it didn't matter. Korn put on a real good show. At least 50 people were moshing on the lawn. It was anarchy. Linkin Park had a great performance also. The stage backgrou...
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Volkodav is written by Maria Semenova. One of the first Russian fantasy I have read. Like other fantasy books, there are many made-up countries and regions. And unlike Howard's "Conan the Barbarian" series, it lacks a map, so the reader has to use hi...
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Stranger in the Strange Land is written by Robert Heinlein. His other books include such titles as: Starship Troopers, Farmers in the Sky, The Cat Who Walks through the Door and many more sci-fi. Unlike other writers, Heinlein makes you ponder the ex...
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Vehicle: 2004 Oldsmobile Alero Test duration: 5 hours Miles driven: 200 Maximum speed driven: 70 mph Track: Marion, IL to Carbondale, IL Terrain: flatlands Blessed is GMC for putting this brand to sleep. GMC is phasing out Oldsmobil...
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Vehicle: 2004 Toyota Camry Test Duration: 2 weeks Miles driven: 2000 Maximum speed driven: 85 mph Track: Nashville to Chattanooga to Atlanta to Nashville Terrain: Hilly, twisty highway The vehicle came equipped with a standard packa...
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