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Vehicle: 2004 Toyota Corolla Test Duration: 7 hours Miles Driven: 600 Maximum speed driven: 85 mph Track: Nashville to Chattanooga to Nashville Terrain: Hilly, twisty highway The vehicle came equipped with standard equipment: A/C, ...
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Vehicle: 2004 Mitsubishi Diamante Test duration: 20 hours Miles driven: 750 Maximum speed driven: 85 mph Track: Nashville to Memphis to Nashville Terrain: Hilly, twisty highway The vehicle was equipped with dual climate control, lea...
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Vehicle: 2004 Chrysler 300 Duration of the test: 7 hours Total miles driven: 650 Track: Nashville to Chattanooga to Nashville Terrain: Hills and road twists Maximum speed driven: 85 mph This vehicle tested came equipped with dual he...
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Daaaaaaaa fil'm oxue...yi,vse delo proisxodit vo vtoryu mirovyu voinu,a tochnee kak nashi ludi borolis' s ebuchim fashizmom.Nazyvaetsya film"Shtrafbat" iz-za togo chto tam rasskazyvaut o tak nazyvaemom shtrafnom batal'one,kuda zachislyali vsex podrya...
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Ok Denzel is the man, but there was less Politically motivated submessages in Fereheit 911. Totally biased and anoying, with a transparent plot. However there is always Denzel....
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Although Im not a big fan of White Castle burgers, I gotta tell you this movie was really funny. Well worth the money that I did not pay for it by sneaking into the theater..but you get my drift. This movie truly makes you proud to be a minority. ...
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New club just opened up at Lake & Wells, the space use to be called superlounges but due to license and capacity was closed down a year ago. Now with 3 new owners, one of them Russian whos name escapes me at the moment, and the other two owners clu...
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Awesome movie in a style of Snatch and Lock Stock and two smoking Barrells. Movie has been out for a while, there are plans of making the second part to it but you guys should definitly check this one out. Its worth the 5$ in any rent place...
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I just got back from the Cubs vs Brewers game in Milwaukee and I gotta say this has been the best time I had at a baseball game in a long time. Granted this was only the fourth MLB stadium I have ever been too, but so far I would say it's the best I...
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Awsome show the music was off the hook and the place was not overly packed. don't get me wrong the place was croweded but it was not stupid croweded as some clubs get when they bring in big name dj's. lots of credit goes to the soundbar staff for m...
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