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- Awesome movie. - Better then the first. - Cinematography is real cool, though some of the fight scenes are hard to understand. - Totally worth seeing -danka abezyanka...
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Hey yo, euro trance progressive fans. This was a cool concert. Loud as all hell. Anyway, big crowd, colorful lights work and good music. The end. 7/17/04...
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If you haven't seen this movie yet, I suggest you DO! It was funny and pleasantly entertaining throughout and actually had a nice idea behind it (not bad for an action flick). My next quest - reading the book that inspired it....
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I loved the concert! beautiful voice and awesome videos on the back. I'd say it was a bit too short :)...
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Concert was amazing. Went with U of I peeps to Tweeter Center, had lawn seats. This was my first time seeing either band, so I was singing at the top of my lungs like a prepubescent girl. Gwen Stefani seems to only get better with age. Mark and T...
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The movie is about a guy who gets stuck in an american airport indefinately while his country undergoes a revolution and is yet to be accepted by the US government. Very funny movie. ...
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7/1/04 Thursday night The 311 concert at Tweeter Center was awesome. I went with Pasha. I was in the mosh pit the whole time and I had a lot of fun. And there were tons of good looking chicks too. ...
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This movie is truly great, it's not funny, but it really makes you think about what we are doing to the world. The tension while watching it was just massive. I remember what really scared me the most: The temperature is dropping 10 degrees per secon...
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Have you seen Shrek 2? It is the funniest movie I have ever seen! Puss In Boots was so damn adorable! My heart fluttered. This movie was way better than the first one, even thought the first one was great too, but it was amazing! HOW CAN PEOPLE MAKE ...
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eh, what a rip off!!! don't ever go there.... the servants stand over you and watch you eat, right after the plate is brought you are asked if you are done... ehh, when we were done eating (and the food wasn't that great) the average was about $50 pe...
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