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Awesome French-Georgian movie! The characters were drawn out very well. Something you can really relate to if you remember living in the former ussr. ...
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Let me begin by saying that the movie is definitely enjoyable, regardless of one's political affiliation. Whether you were to think "it's a damn lie" on everything Moore brings up or you were to agree with every issue in the movie, you will not come...
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The recent Michael Moore movie/documentary is a candid and entertaining movie describing the follies of the Bush administration. You may not agree with the ramblings of Moore, but it is hard to disprove the findings that he presents in the movie reg...
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The most hilarious, heart-warming movie I have seen since....SHREK!!!! (And I am a picky one)...
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it was a good sci-fi flick w/ a lot of great visuals. Vin Disel played a typical 'schwarzenegger' role... but it's worth watchin in the theater for the special effects if you enjoy that type of stuff. Overall I give it 3/5 stars....
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Reality Dysfunction Part 1 Emergence by Peter F. Hamilton First some credentials on my Sci-Fi reading background. I have read and own most of the books by Asimov, Clarke, and all Dune books. Also I read about 10 sci-fi books a year. This would ...
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of course, best seller and all... I think everyone already either read it or is on the way there. It's an ok book but really not my style; if I read mystery, i want it to be more personal. There is no interpersonal intrigue in this book. More factual...
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Amsterdam Best Western by the Concertgebouw kicks ass. Super-small and high-rise stairs, rooms with decades of cigarette smoke, and Dutch cheese for desert. Not to mention the Amsterdam prostitutes just a few kilometres away on tram, as well as the c...
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PO-moemu, ochen' nedurstvenno napisano. Interesno bbIlo pochitat' pro klassifikatsiyu internet-muzhchin. Mozhet, kto znaet ;-) Краткая классификация интернет-женщин Хамка задолбанная. Женщина, однажды по глупости разместившая анкету с фото...
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bad. boring. stipid. cheeeeeesy. baaaaaaad....
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