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The entire Kill Bill series is very fascinating. Quentin Tarantino really does it again. I have to say, with all the movies he has done, each one surpasses the previous ones, and shines on its own. Where the first movie was amazing for its figh...
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Lars Von Trier's latest film "Dogville" continues to prove that he is one of the best working directors in all of Europe. His last film "Dancer in the Dark," starring Bjork, was one of the best films of 2000 and restarted the muscal craze that eventu...
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Don't do it :)...
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Well, I have finally seen the one movie that I wanted to see this year. And I was not disappointed in the least. Tarantino never drops below a certain level, and that level is damn high. The movie was great. Awesome actors who exercised their po...
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This movie was a suprise. What looked like a chick-flick, turned out to be an entertaining comedy, mixed in with the proper elements to make it seem as not far off, from a love story. Some of the themes were a little overdone, and the movie could...
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In one word, the movie blew. Everything that the original "Whole Nine Yards" was, this movie ruined. This is the classic example of putting the money before the experience. The entire plot was a rehash of "Whole Nine Yards", only more ridiculou...
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Extreamly funny Mathew Perry and Bruce Willis give excellent performnces. In some respects this movie is even more funny then the original. If I had to find only one fault it would be that it's PG13 rating, yes unfortunatly in this movie Amanda Pet...
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По рзелульаттам илссеовадний одонго анлигйсокго унвиертисета, не иеемт занчнеия, в кокам пряокде рсапожолены бкувы в солве. Галвоне, чотбы преавя и пслоендяя бквуы блыи на мсете. Осатьлыне бкувы мгоут селдовтаь в плоонм бсепордяке, все-рвано ткест чт...
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I turn on the TV today and what do i see - a trailer for spiderman 2. check it out. Looks great, can't wait.
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if anybody says this is not this song is not the culmination of mankind's achivenment in music is fucking wrong. The whole album is the shit and this song, eventhough it was never a single, is best one. Every cord, every word just moves every singl...
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