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Sound-Bar opend last night with an invite only nite and guess who got invited, so for all you people who can't wait to go to this club here is an early review just for you. Well, I will have to say that they spared no expense on creating a very "s...
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One of the scariest movies I've seen in the last 3-4 years. Constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat. A must see, if you have the nerves to handle it! :)...
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Ok movie, Johnny Debt does a good job acting in it but the movie was a bit slow and with an extreamly predictable plot. "WARNING SPOILER" plot line is almost identical to Fight Club...
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Very funny movie especially if you are not looking for a movie that will make a lot of sence and has highschool humor. For a nice relaxing day at the movie this was perfect. There were many funny parts that were not shown in the commercials and ove...
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A must see for eveyone. ...
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should i get a dog? what kind ?...
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В пятницу вечером те кто пошел на концерт Б.Г. имели счастье зверски оттянуться. Борис Борисыч как всегда потряс прекрасной энергетикой в комплексе с эзотерическими изысками. Даже трудно поверить, что ему за пятьдесят и он орденоносец. Человек так...
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Speechless. This briliantly executed milestone of cinematography makes The Mona Lisa look like cave art. At last, there has been a revolution in the film industry. To much surprise and disbelief, The Passion will leave you in much confusion, yet y...
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Anything Else Featuring: Woody Allen, Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci In this movie Jerry Falk, a young comedy writer struggles to keep his relationship with Amanda his "do-anyone-but-him" girlfriend. David Dobel, ...
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This movie was very bad. The previews show it to be a good comedy but it was made very badly and i could never really get into a movie about a handy man running for mayor. The funny parts did not turn out to be very funny at all, it seemed like the ...
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