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Drove me nuts, still is. Guy Ritchie went way overboard from both the artistic and plot complexity standpoint. Donít get me wrong, totally loved the movie but I still donít understand the ending after seeing it 2 times in a row. Unlike Snatch and Loc...
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An extremely good movie, up to a point. A very good movie that tells a moving and interesting story. You definitely feel bad for the characters, and everything is very easy to follow. The movie is extremely pop-culture centered, which is not ne...
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One mind bending flick... Way worse seing, especially if u r not a stranger to the concept of mind expansion ;-) Strongly recommend. 9/10 PS brought 2 u by bittorent! ...
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Children of Man It is a very rare situation when a movie extracts some sort of feelings from you, even if those feelings are depression and sadness. In this way the movie was a spectacular success. Itís also very rare that in the middle of the m...
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Déjà vu should have been a summer movie, it has all the aspects and requirements for a good summer blockbuster, complete with explosions and plot holes. However if you take the movie as such just a blockbuster itís a very good action movie...
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Sure there was a lot of love sap (luckily Iím a fan) as well but weíre talking Darren Aronofsky going mainstream after all and doing it with grace. Aside from the great visuals and a very interesting story line the movie, much like Pi is overflow...
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Possibly the best Bond movie I have seen yet! And I have pretty much seen them all. However, this is no classic Bond movie. For one thing, Q is not there and Bond doesn't have any gadgets, which he had in all of the previous movies. But I gue...
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The first thing that smacks the Bond fans in the face is that the filmmakers have completely butchered the series timeline. We are introduced to Bond in this movie, as he was when he was just granted "00" status. So that puts us, where, the late '...
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As it relates to Lukashenko, this is a very complex topic. Without a doubt, today's Belarus is an authoritarian state that is becoming more authoritarian by the year. Yet most people don't seem to mind. That is, they do mind, but not to the ext...
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Lithuania has changed so much in the six years since I have last visited that I didn't recognize some sites at all, such as the giant Akropolis shopping center, one of Eastern Europe's largest. Although some vestiges of communism are still visible, p...
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