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This is the most accurate geo-political and socio-economic English-language news-weekly there is. Period. Articles are succinct, top-notch, and cover everything from the world today to business, economics to the environment. I do think the magazine t...
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Funny, yet depressing movie about a dysfunctional blue color American family that is on the brink of bankruptcy with all the other major problems of a non talking son, suicidal gay uncle and a perverted grandfather. Is trying to make the best of it ...
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The Wicker Man that was promising to be full of suspense and interesting plot proved tat you should never believe the advertisements. The movie was extremely slow to develop and much of the movie you spend waiting for something to happen. Most of t...
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This was an exceptionally boring movie, with many plot holes and technological errors. All the best and scary parts were shown in the commercials. The idea behind the movie was fantastic however the execution and the story telling were poorly done....
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Funny, disgusting, disturbing, and lovable are some of the adjectives that can describe this flick. This movie takes the disgusting humor to new heights and for some reason it works in most places. It also has some really retarded parts that I just...
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If you didn't know better, you'd swear that "World Trade Center" came from another, more straight-forward filmmaker, such as Steven Spielberg or Ron Howard, instead of Oliver Stone. That's not to say that this harrowing drama doesn't have it...
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It was inevitable that all the recent superhero movies would inspire some parodies, but we never thought one would be a romantic comedy. Well, semi-romantic, anyway. When the neurotically needy and Superman-like G-Girl (Uma Thurman) gets dumped by th...
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Ok because I took my gf to Superman on Friday I was punished for this by going to the devil wears prada movie on sunday. Let me just say that this movie is the exact opposite of superman. It has nothing in it that a man would find interesting other...
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WARNING: If you are not a fan of Superman YOU WILL NOT LIKE THIS MOVIE. Ok so if you don't know what superman movies are then you probably should not go see this movie either (sorry honey). This movie is EXACTLY what you would expect from a Super...
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In an attempt to cram as much as possible into one vacation, Mihaela and I went to three countries in two weeks. 6 days in Mallorca, Spain, a week in Bulgaria and 3 days in London. Mallorca: an island in the Balearic sea, beautiful as expected,...
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