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A wondrous tribute to the boundless stamina of the human spirit. Also in the works to be a movie released next year, which will hopefully do the book justice....
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Scary Movie 4 is pretty frightening all right. It's positively terrifying that the Scary Movie franchise continues to soldier on when it should have been dead and buried years ago. Somebody actually greenlit this mess? What were they smoking? David...
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not bad if you liked the first three!...
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This restaurant has amazing an view of downtown and the food is very good, but I did not expect to get such crappy service - even though we made reservations, we waited for a table for half an hour, the table was all wet when we sat down, the waiter ...
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"Ice Age: The Meltdown" is a rarity, like the last of the woolly mammoths: a sequel that's as delightful as the original. That many cast and crew return to work on this animated feature is a big factor in its success. Back from the 2002 movie a...
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Absolutely brilliant, smart, funny and sarcastic movie about tobacco lobbiest Nick Naylor who is trying to remain good role-model father for his young son. This is 1st movie of the year which is must see. It had it all, good adaptation from a book, g...
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Set in the year 2020 in London, Hitler-like leader Adam Sutler (John Hurt) continues to fan the flames of fear in British residents after the U.S. has collapsed in ruin after a civil war and a plague. WE INTERRUPT THIS MOVIE REVIEW TO BRING YOU A...
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Denzel Washington energizes the movie as Keith Frazier, an NYPD hostage negotiator who'd like to eradicate a few spots on his record. He gets his chance when master thief Dalton Russell who is beautifully played by Clive Owen and his three masked cro...
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Вчера впервые по ходу в истории америки ПРОДИДЖИ дали здесь концерт. КОНЦЕРТ был охуенный правда толпа подкачала потому что люди что-то не заводились никак хотя американцев я не видел пока мы стояли в очереди вокруг нас стояли одни поляки и немцы, л...
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