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Very people centered movie. V is for View it!...
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Finally finished the 10th Serie of The Master and Margarita. I will rate the movie as 8.5 out of 10. Soundtrack -- 10/10 Cast -- 8/10 Visual effects -- 6/10 Directing -- 9/10 Sticking to the script -- 9.5/10 (very good!) Choreography --6.5/10...
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First of all - wow, Italy is just unbelievably beautiful and I will definitely go there again! Now, all in order. I went on vacation by myself to Alassio - a resort city in Liguria, the Italian Rivera. The city is between Genova and San Remo, also...
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Garden State Soundtrack: 1. Don't Panic - Coldplay 2. Caring Is Creepy 3. In The Waiting Line - Zero 7 4. New Slang - The Shins 5. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You 6. Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers 7. Fair - Remy Zero 8. One Of...
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The movie hurt me in two ways: As a human being: Spielberg has a gift for exposing human emotion. If you want to see a film that will make you feel something see Munich! I was torn apart. The film is in essence about sacrifices each man makes ...
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Very good. Another one of my fav. books this year....
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awesome. one of the best books i've read all year....
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1 И стал я на песке морском, и увидел выходящего из моря зверя с семью головами и десятью рогами: на рогах его было десять диадим, а на головах его имена богохульные. 2 Зверь, которого я видел, был подобен барсу; ноги у него--как у медведя, а п...
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Saw it last night ad I have to say that I was impressed. Obviously, the special effects and animation are better this time around but other than that it was a great movie. Naomi Watts who plays the damsel in distress as Ann Darrow was pretty good....
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Flying genies, dancing dinosaurs, stage wizardry at every turn -- Mozart's genius enchants anew in "one of Lyric's most inspired productions." Chicago Sun-Times When I seen this opera on a schedule of Lyric Opera, I told myself I have to see it. I...
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