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Russian books - newly discovered and translated for the first time! Russian or English! Jack Vosmerkin - The American by Nikolai Grigorevich Smirnov has just been published for the first time ever in the English langauge. This book tell...
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Чтобы понять ценность одного года, спроси у студента, который провалил вступительные…Чтобы понять ценность одного месяца – спроси у матери, которая родила недоношенного ребенка… Чтобы понять ценность недели, спроси у издателя еженедельной газеты. Что...
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Loved it. My mom read it to me when i was young. It was one of the books that inspired my love of books... I just recently read it again and loved it just as much. The movie was pretty good too (at least as far as movies after books go)...
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Also an amazing book... one of my favs. i really thought it was interesting because it nothing very dramatic happens, yet it shows how all the little stuff in life, and just daily living and struggle, makes a large impact... I highly recommend it....
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really well written and interesting...when reading this book, at points you can almost understand how it is to become crazy.... ...
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Amazing. Once again one the best books i've read in a long time....I had to read it again once i was done, the ending changed the perspective the the whole book. amazing....
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A wondrous tribute to the boundless stamina of the human spirit. Also in the works to be a movie released next year, which will hopefully do the book justice....
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Very good. Another one of my fav. books this year....
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awesome. one of the best books i've read all year....
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A murder mystery. An ancient document holds a secret. Two college students are on a path to solving both. Sounds like an interesting book? Sure, as long as you’re not referring to “The Rule of Four”. 400 pages of euphemisms, historical facts I couldn...
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