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As it relates to Lukashenko, this is a very complex topic. Without a doubt, today's Belarus is an authoritarian state that is becoming more authoritarian by the year. Yet most people don't seem to mind. That is, they do mind, but not to the ext...
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Lithuania has changed so much in the six years since I have last visited that I didn't recognize some sites at all, such as the giant Akropolis shopping center, one of Eastern Europe's largest. Although some vestiges of communism are still visible, p...
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In an attempt to cram as much as possible into one vacation, Mihaela and I went to three countries in two weeks. 6 days in Mallorca, Spain, a week in Bulgaria and 3 days in London. Mallorca: an island in the Balearic sea, beautiful as expected,...
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First of all - wow, Italy is just unbelievably beautiful and I will definitely go there again! Now, all in order. I went on vacation by myself to Alassio - a resort city in Liguria, the Italian Rivera. The city is between Genova and San Remo, also...
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i was in London for a week and, despite the terrible cold not-at-all-June-like weather, I loved the city. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. I walked till my feet bled and I was forced to buy my first pair of heelless shoes (before that, I thin...
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Amsterdam Best Western by the Concertgebouw kicks ass. Super-small and high-rise stairs, rooms with decades of cigarette smoke, and Dutch cheese for desert. Not to mention the Amsterdam prostitutes just a few kilometres away on tram, as well as the c...
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