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Releated Introduction: NBA 2K17 Classic Teams And Player Renders
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We didn't get all player ratings, however, in Novato, California, every team TISI +% was available, we can admit it in terms of what I saw for myself.

Player Ratings

The Cavs’ LeBron James is the game’s highest-rated active player at 96 overall. Just behind him is the Golden State Warriors’ two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry. Steph checks in with a 94 overall. More player ratings update news, please stay tuned U4NBA.COM.

Curry’s new teammate Kevin Durant is a 93, while Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are both rated a 90. The Dubs will be hard to match up against with four players rated a 90 or above.

James’ supporting case isn’t all that bad. Kyrie Irving is rated an 89, while Kevin Love is an 82 and Tristan Thompson an 81.

If you’re a Chicago Bulls fan like myself, you may be pleased to learn the team has three players rated an 80 or above (Jimmy Butler 88, Dwyane Wade 87, Rajon Rondo 81).

The Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Paul (91) and the Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins (90) were also rated a 90.

Tattoos, Shoes, Player Faces

Tattoos became an issue for 2K after a lawsuit from an artist whose work is featured on the bodies of several prominent NBA players. 2K looks to be handling that situation well as the virtual players still have their ink in NBA 2K17. Cheap NBA 2K17 MT for Sale, you can get into releated games platforms to buy it.

I saw a lot of player renders that had been redone such as the Boston Celtics' Marcus Smart and Cleveland Cavaliers Iman Shumpert have been rescanned with their new hairstyles Players who have graphics in their hair looked especially sharp. The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns is one who especially comes to mind.

Classic Teams

Even some of the classic teams have players who have been redone for the newest version of the game. The 1997-98 Chicago Bulls’ Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman both had improved renders. Sadly, there are no new classic teams included, and as I’ve mentioned before, you can only use the Olympic Teams in Play Now. 

There weren’t many disappointments during my time with NBA 2K17, but those two omissions were in that number. It’s understandable, at some point you run out of top-notch classic teams to add, and/or 2K is unable to come to an agreement with key players from certain teams. Thus it becomes a waste to pursue certain squads.

I’m not sure what happened with the Olympic teams. I guess there’s a possibility we could see more international teams added post launch, but it’s weird to only have Team USA and Australia as playable Olympic squads.

This years version of the game, NBA 2k17, is set to release world wide on September 20th, but if you preorder your copy, you can get it four days early on the 16th. You have access to  releated games platforms to buy it such as XBOXONE, you can click into NBA 2K17 MT XBOX ONE to buy cheap games coins.
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